Music Teacher: Mr. Rodriguez 

Music at Deerwood:

  • Helps children with language-learning impairments process speech
  • Enables children to become more effective listeners
  • Enriches the academic learning environment for all children
  • Helps children practice and apply skills important to language development and comprehension
  • Enables at-risk children to develop an interest in learning and promotes social development
  • Encourages the cognitive development, discipline, teamwork and self-esteem of children
  • Improves the abilities of children in math, science and spatial-temporal reasoning
  • Helps to produce higher scores on standardized tests and college entrance exams
  • Provides kinesthetic, aural, oral, visual and emotional experiences that bring written text to life
  • Enhances basic skills used in reading/decoding; breaking the visual code of symbols into sounds
  • Reinforces the development of left to right/up to down tracking in reading
  • Improves reading skill development in: phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, sight identification, cueing system awareness and fluency
  • Creates relationships within various historical periods and cultures of our world

 Each child who attends music at Deerwood has the opportunity to:

  • Sing songs with appropriate tone, pitch, and rhythm with or without accompaniment
  • Sing songs representing a culturally diverse repertoire with appropriate expression, dynamics and phrasing
  • Perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music
  • Read rhythmic and melodic notation using traditional and nontraditional symbols
  • Improvise simple rhythmic and melodic patterns and accompaniments
  • Learn music vocabulary and describe what is heard in a variety of musical styles
  • Know music and composers that represent various historical periods and cultures