Physical Education

Physical Education

Welcome to Deerwood Elementary Physical Education. This year, our special area schedule includes PE three days per week. During that time, you can count on the kids being challenged, treated fairly, and having many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. They will also participate in a Field Day, Jump Rope for Heart, and the Presidential Physical Fitness challenge.

Goals of Our Physical Education Program:

  • Apply basic fitness components and integrate with health education
  • Demonstrate concern for safety of self and others
  • Demonstrate use of and respect for property and equipment
  • Apply rules and strategies for a variety of games and activities while demonstrating good sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Make proper choices to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate skills specific to each unit

Guidelines for Your Child’s Success:

  • Dress properly daily
  • Follow directions
  • Listen carefully
  • Give your maximum effort

See you under the pavilion!

Coach Bohne
[email protected]