Physical Education

Physical Education

Welcome to Deerwood Elementary Physical Education. This year our special area schedule includes three days a week in P.E. During that time, you can count on the kids being challenged, treated fairly, and having many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities. They will also participate in a Field Day, Jump Rope for Heart, and the Presidential Physical Fitness challenge.

Goals of Our Physical Education Program:

  • Apply basic fitness components and integrate with health education
  • Demonstrate concern for safety of self and others
  • Demonstrate use of and respect for property and equipment
  • Apply rules and strategies for a variety of games and activities while demonstrating good sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Make proper choices to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Demonstrate skills specific to each unit

Guidelines for Your Child’s Success:

  • Dress properly daily
  • Follow directions
  • Listen carefully
  • Give your maximum effort

See you under the pavilion!

Coach Bohne
[email protected]